Famistar is a social network for people who want to participate in contests using their photos and the winners are decided from the community. In the meantime you can interact with businesses from around the world and have the chance to win prizes.

You can create your free Famistar account from the Famistar app on your iOS/Android device or from the website.

A contest is a place where users can join and compete with others using photos. As a user you can join in a contest, vote other photos, create your own contests and potentially win prizes.

You can create a contest from the Famistar app on your mobile phone or the web. On the web you wiil be able to create contests with more advanced features that are not available yet.

A geolocation contest is a contest that requires you to be at a specific place in order to join. You can create a simple geolocation contest from your mobile phone by specifying a single point on map and a radius or a more advanced geolocation contest only from the web where you can specify multiple locations.

You can join in any contest by choosing a photo you already uploaded on Famistar or by uploading a new photo. Please be advised that you can’t join a geolocation contest if you are not in the specified area of the contest.

If you would like to close your Famistar account, please send an email at %link_start%[email protected]%link_end% and we will deactivate your account.